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Group of companies "Enegrgy-project" performs construction and installation works of any complexity, starting from the simplest cable laying in the trench, finishing with installation and commissioning of transformer substations, buried and built-in substations.

Our company on a professional basis performs work on the laying of cable lines with voltage from 0.4 to 35 kV. Cable laying works can be carried out both on the finished project of the customer and on the newly executed project. Currently, three methods of cable lines installation are actively used:

cable laying in trenches

laying of overhead cable lines on poles

cable installation in special units

Group of companies "Energy-project" has the license for all types of works, has own laboratory. Extensive experience in laying cable lines and commissioning of any complexity at different sites, including the Central district, ensures quality and timely implementation. Laying of cable lines is carried out only by specialists with appropriate tolerances and permits.